Tennis net

Tennis net

A very obvious scene on the tennis court is the tennis net. This net is an indispensable device in tennis competitions and has certain requirements for tennis nets. Let’s take a look at it together!

一、 the international standard of tennis nets

The size and requirements of the international standard tennis net are:

Tennis net size: 12.8*1.08 meters

Mesh size: 4*4cm square

Material: polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc., can also be selected according to customer requirements

Accessories: with a wire rope, optional edge: imitation sheepskin edging, ordinary canvas edging

二、 the tennis net

1.1 The course should be a rectangle. Draw with a line 40 mm wide
1.2 The color of the line is preferably white, yellow or other easily distinguishable colors.
1.3 All lines are part of the area it defines.
1.4 From the ground of the stadium, the net column is 1.55 meters high. When the net is tensioned (as described in rule 1.10), the mast should be perpendicular to the ground.
1.5 Whether it is singles or doubles, the net column should be placed on the doubles sideline.
1.6 The net should consist of dark, high-quality strings. The mesh is square and each side is between 15 and 20 mm long.
1.7 The total length of the net is at least 6.1 meters and the width is 760 mm.
1.8 The upper edge of the net shall have a 75 mm wide white cloth folded into a sandwich and passed through the interlayer with a rope or wire. The upper edge of the sandwich must be in close contact with the rope or wire.
1.9 The rope or wire should be firmly tensioned and level with the top of the column.
1.10 From the ground of the stadium, the top of the center of the net should be 1.524 meters high, and the net height of the doubles line is 1.55 meters.
1.11 There should be no gap between the ends of the net and the post. If necessary, the ends of the net should be fastened to the post.