Tennis ball retriever

A tennis ball retriever having a handle in the form of a yoke and a pair of second engaging rings interconnected by spaced bars, one of which is removable to provide for access of tennis balls picked up through the spaced bars after rolling action of the rings along the ground. There are 2 features of the tennis ball retriever:

Overcome the shortcomings

A light weight and a simple structure



Overcome the shortcomings introduce.

An extremely lightweight tennis reclaimer to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art devices. The reclaimer is arranged to hold the tennis ball by a spacer bar squeezed above the ground. The only contact with the ground is through a pair of spacer rings. The structure of the present invention is characterized by a yoke-shaped handle with a small disc rotatably attached to it, the disc having a spacer ring concentrically arranged and mounted on it.


A light weight and a simple structure introduce.

To provide a tennis retriever with a light weight and a simple structure; it can be made of easily available materials and has “high efficiency in use. These, together with the various auxiliary purposes and features of the present invention, will become apparent as the following description proceeds. , Obtained by this tennis finder, and its preferred embodiment has been shown in the attached drawings as an example only.