Custom Service


Custom process

The customer sends the customized demand to us by mail, etc., responds to the customer's consultation, responds to the customer's needs, provides solutions and quotations for customer reference and selection. The two parties negotiated the customized content and specific needs by means of mail, etc. After confirming the information provided by the customer, providing the plan drawing, confirming the negotiation content, making the order payment, making the mold, the sample, and confirming the customer, the large Cut goods.

Custom tennis

We can customize tennis materials such as rubber, twine, animal hair (sheep), polyethylene fiber, etc. We can also customize the color according to the customer's needs and customize the exclusive slogan and logo on the tennis ball.


Custom tennis bag

We can customize tennis bags, including OEM, style design and logo. Our factory is complete with meticulous and rigorous assembly line from material forming to finished product packaging. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Custom tennis racket

We accept custom tennis rackets, including: aluminum carbon, semi-carbon, three-dimensional weaving, electroplating, hot stamping, bottom, outer packaging, OEM and style design and design logo.