ITF joins the Olympics and development process

ITF joins the Olympics and development process

From 1896 to 1924, tennis was an Olympic event. Since then, the International Network has conflicted with the International Olympic Committee because of the qualifications of athletes. Tennis is no longer an Olympic event. It was not until 1988 that it re-entered the Olympic Games.

1981 Davis Cup Opens to the World The International Tennis Federation will reclassify the Davis Cup into world groups and large groups in 16 countries. And ushered in the first International Tennis Federation World Individual Elder Championship.

1982 Florida hosted the first International Tennis Federation World Coaching Symposium. Tennis developed countries participated in the first official meeting, with trainers from around the world receiving training. Today, 600 coaches from more than 100 countries participate in coaching seminars twice a year.

1985 The birth of the Grand Slam Development Fund. For the first time, Wimbledon promised to donate £100,000 a year to help the International Tennis Federation promote and develop tennis worldwide. The other three Grand Slams followed suit, thus establishing the Grand Slam Development Fund.

1988 Tennis returns to the Olympic Games After 64 years of absence, the tennis program returned to the Olympics at the Seoul Olympic Games in Korea on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation. The International Tennis Federation also incorporates the two-hop rule in wheelchair tennis into the official tennis rules.

In 1993, the International Tennis Federation established the Tennis Anti-Doping Program Tennis Anti-Doping Program International Tennis Federation, the Men’s Professional Tennis Association, and the Women’s Tennis Association. It includes a set of fixed standards that the three organizations must comply with. Institutional and educational components.

In 1995, the Federation Cup (Federation Cup) was renamed the Fed Cup. The name change was to follow the Davis Cup to adapt to the new home and away mode.

1998 International Tennis Federation becomes the cradle of “experiment” The world’s most advanced professional tennis research equipment is used by the International Tennis Federation. Wheelchair tennis was officially incorporated into the International Tennis Federation and became the world’s first joint disabled sport.

2004 The most spectated competition The Davis Cup final between the US team and Spain in Silvia, Spain attracted the largest number of viewers (27,200) since the official tennis tournament. The International Tennis Federation has launched a youth tennis school dedicated to a pastor-style education program for young tennis players.

2006 Electronic Debut’s debut After three years of hard work, the International Tennis Federation finally developed an electronic division and applied it to the Hopman Cup competition in Pace, Australia for the first time.

The launch of the “Participation and Perseverance” campaign in 2007 The International Tennis Federation launched the “Participation and Perseverance” campaign for tennis, implemented a plan to recruit and leave tennis beginners, and provided electronic information to tennis coaches around the world online. At the same time, the implementation of the tennis anti-doping program is also exclusively carried out by the International Tennis Federation.