Return policy

First, the basic conditions for applying for return:

1. Exchange can only be exchanged for the same paragraph or equivalent of the same price products;

2. When confirming the goods with quality problems, please contact customer service to inform the goods about the quality of the specific situation, the number of products and take pictures to provide relevant evidence to the customer service;

3. Due to the buyer’s own reasons (inappropriate or dislike, etc.), under the condition that the goods are guaranteed to be brand new and the secondary sales of the goods are not affected, the date of receipt shall prevail, and shall be processed within 30 days;

4. If the product needs to be returned or exchanged, it is necessary to ensure that the outer packaging is complete and the packaging is not removed, which will not affect the secondary sales;

5. Ensure that the accessories and gifts of the returned/replaced goods are complete; the invoice or sales statement that has been issued is complete;

The following conditions will not be refunded:

1, does not cooperate with our company return procedures, does not provide clear product quality details

2, artificial damage to the product

3, returned the goods, the packaging is seriously damaged, the accessories are missing

4, the product does not match the buyer’s imagination, because your imagination is subjective, there are no objective criteria, our product pictures are taken in kind, try not to be distorted, and truly reflect the appearance of the product. Please check the product pictures and descriptions before purchasing. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff. Before purchasing, I suggest that you know more about the market and have a basic positioning for the price and quality of our products.

5, a little color difference due to display problems

6, beyond the warranty period

7, no quality problems (including personal preferences) will not be returned

Please note that we will only be able to accept returns if the returned item remains in its original condition. Goods must not be worn or used, and documents containing the facts and conditions for the purchase of the product are kept.