Tennis racket maintenance precautions

Tennis racket maintenance precautions 一、 on the court, you must not shoot, slap, and ensure that you do not hit the wet ball. 二、 never play in the rain. If it rains during the playing process, stop playing the ball immediately, dry the racket in time and pat the string to reach the raindrops, and then put it into the […]

How to choose tennis shoes

一、 what are the characteristics of tennis shoes? What are the characteristics of tennis shoes? Our amateur golfers should also understand the characteristics of tennis shoes. In addition to the comfortable wearing of tennis shoes, the special construction of tennis shoes will help you improve your skills and enhance your effective running. To know that a 50% victory in tennis […]

Tennis net

A very obvious scene on the tennis court is the tennis net. This net is an indispensable device in tennis competitions and has certain requirements for tennis nets. Let’s take a look at it together! 一、 the international standard of tennis nets The size and requirements of the international standard tennis net are: Tennis net size: 12.8*1.08 meters Mesh size: […]

ACE ball in tennis

ACE ball in tennis In tennis, the ACE ball is the service of one of the two sides of the game. The ball falls within the effective zone, but the opponent does not touch the ball and makes the direct score. If the opponent touches the ball and goes out of bounds or goes down the net, it is only […]

Why is tennis known as aristocratic sports?

Tennis is called the aristocratic sport because tennis is a traditional competitive royalty sport that originated in France. The game is very focused on the etiquette of both sides of the game. Whether it is equipment, clothing, judgment, skills, there are many. Pay attention to, the early evaluation of a player’s pros and cons even include his batting posture, body […]

Tennis Selection Guide

Tennis, as the most popular fitness method nowadays, is gradually being loved by more and more people. However, to play tennis, a hand-to-hand tempo is the key. Before you buy, you can read more information about tennis racquets. I will try to find a racquet that suits you. Your own racket must meet your own preferences, from the style, material, […]

Several details to pay attention to when playing tennis

Tennis sports have high requirements for the venue. The ground is uneven and too smooth, which can cause accidents such as falls and sprain the ankle joint. Choosing a qualified venue is also something that athletes should pay attention to. ●Ms. chooses a light racquet. The racquet is too heavy. The deep muscles of the arm are more laborious. It […]

Several details to pay attention to when playing tennis

Tennis sports have high requirements for the venue. The ground is uneven and too smooth, which can cause accidents such as falls and sprain the ankle joint. Choosing a qualified venue is also something that athletes should pay attention to. ●Ms. chooses a light racquet. The racquet is too heavy. The deep muscles of the arm are more laborious. It […]

What are the benefits of women playing tennis?

Tennis has become a popular form of fitness in life. When playing tennis, it is required to run back and forth on the field, and also pay attention to the angle of the ball. Therefore, it can be said that it is a kind of intense exercise method of the whole body. First, play tennis, exercise the lower body Playing […]

Line tennis training ball use and recommendation

Regarding the use of rope tennis, there are more opponents who are opposed. It is considered that the use of line tennis is not conducive to the development of action, and even counterproductive. However, under the guidance of the coach, the tennis ball was fixed and the tennis ball was selected for practice. There are two ways to use a […]

How to clean tennis bag

Friends who often play tennis will encounter this situation: the tennis bag is sweaty or accidentally soiled the tennis bag. If you don’t clean the tennis bag properly, it will affect the life of the tennis bag. This article will explain to tennis fans how to clean the tennis bag. If the appearance of the tennis bag is not very […]

Tennis racket grip

Tennis racket grip (seven basic tennis racket grips) include: continental, east style, half-west mode, west mode, super-west mode, east mode backhand, two-handed grip; each has different advantages and disadvantages. Solve doubts for you completely. 1. Continental grip: The right index finger joint is on the upper right side, while the tiger’s mouth is on the upper side. Right-handed continental grip: […]

In daily life, more and more people pay attention to their own health problems. In particular, many young people choose to exercise to ensure their health. However, there are many kinds of sports. Some studies have shown that compared with Running and swimming, people who play tennis often may live for ten years. Do you know why? A recent new […]

Do you really know your tennis racket?

Do you really know your tennis racket? Do you know the specific structure of the tennis racket? Ready to play tennis, you know how to choose a tennis racket that suits you, and how to maintain it later? Compared with badminton table tennis, tennis rackets are more expensive, so choosing a rack that suits you and is durable is the […]

How to choose a suitable tennis racket

Is it difficult to choose the right type when choosing a racket? In fact, whether you are a beginner, an advanced person, a professional player, a golfer who is thinking about or trying to win a championship, it is absolutely very important to be suitable for his own racket. Before you buy a tennis racket, you have to consider a […]

Teach you to abandon the common mistakes of tennis

In the tennis match, it is very common for Netwang to have some mistakes, but these common mistakes are often easily overlooked by the players, causing the game to be mistaken. For tennis players, face up and pay attention to all the mistakes in the tennis match. And positive corrections are the magic weapon for accumulating strength, making progress and […]

How to practice tennis without a tennis court

First, the tennis wall For those who don’t have a tennis court, if you want to practice the ball, the first thing is to find a tennis wall! With the wall, everything is easy to say. Second, the ball practice There are many training methods to practice the ball when there are no courses or even no tennis walls. For […]

How to avoid “skills” during a tennis training

Nowadays, the racket and the line are all integrated with a large amount of technology, which makes the level of tennis sports continue to rise, and the competitive ability of tennis is also greatly improved. Whether it is a professional athlete or an amateur, no matter what type of play, no matter what the performance of the venue, the basic […]

Tennis award

Tennis awards are divided into Golden Slam and Grand Slam. Golden slam, divided into an annual gold slam and professional gold slam. In the course of the year, complete the grand slam and win the gold medal in the tennis event at the Olympic Games. The annual Golden Slam means that a player wins all four Grand Slam titles and […]

2019ITF International Tennis Jinan Open starts in May

The 2019ITF International Tennis Jinan Open Competition was held in Jinan District, Lu’an City, Anhui Province on the 18th. The reporter learned from the promotion meeting that this competition is a men’s and women’s competition, which will be held from May 6 to 19 this year. The National Sports and Leisure Town of Xingmao Nanshan, Jinan District, Anshi City was […]

Warm up before the exercise, are you doing the right thing?

1. Are you still suffering from injuries? Maybe warming up and not doing well Amateurs are often plagued by injuries, but it is too late to wait until they are really injured. The best way is to prevent injuries. Many people don’t warm up before playing like to play on the slap directly, this is a very bad habit! Whether […]