Several details to pay attention to when playing tennis

Several details to pay attention to when playing tennis

Tennis sports have high requirements for the venue. The ground is uneven and too smooth, which can cause accidents such as falls and sprain the ankle joint. Choosing a qualified venue is also something that athletes should pay attention to.

●Ms. chooses a light racquet. The racquet is too heavy. The deep muscles of the arm are more laborious. It is relatively easier to strain, and the possibility of tennis elbow is higher. Female exercisers should choose a pat, and the racquet is too heavy to make the arm too strong and does not meet the aesthetic requirements of women.

● Must be stretched before exercise No matter what kind of exercise, stretching the ligament before exercise can help reduce sports injuries. In view of the characteristics of the lower limbs, waist, and arms of tennis players, it is these parts that the athletes need to focus on “preheating”. The athlete can bend the leg like a ballet performer, stretch the waist and lower limbs; twist the waist, waist, and waist; one hand clasps the elbow joint of the other hand, pulls in different directions, pulls the hand ligament The toes are rotated to the ankles, and the ankles are activated. The hands are crossed to rotate the handcuffs. In general, warm up in the summer for 10 minutes, warm up in the winter for about 20 minutes.

● There is a pain to wear protective tools. When players play, we sometimes see the athlete’s waist, legs, elbows tied with things. Many people wondered what role these tools can play, can they increase their physical strength and improve their performance? Yang Junxing believes that when the athletes are sore and a little weak, but they still have to continue exercising, they can wear them according to the different parts of the pain. Protective tools such as knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist protectors. However, if you just start exercising, don’t wear it without any discomfort. Otherwise, it will bind your body and affect your flexibility. It is easy to get into trouble.

● Low back pain, knee pain, don’t play tennis. The tennis waist is rotated vigorously and often has a half-squat posture. Therefore, those with low back pain and knee arthritis (the knee is often hidden and painful) are not suitable for this sport.