Tennis custom

Tennis custom content:


2. Color


4. Packaging


The material of the tennis ball can be customized according to the needs of the customer. The material is divided into wool, chemical fiber hair needles and so on.

The chemical fiber is a fiber made of a natural or synthetic polymer material and can be classified into a synthetic fiber using a natural polymer material as raw material and a synthetic fiber using a synthetic polymer material as a raw material depending on the source of the raw material.

The woolen tennis wool is more durable, the ball feels comfortable, and the wool has a high wear resistance, which is suitable for players with a large amount of training.

二、 Color

We can customize different colors according to customer requirements.


The surface of the ball can be printed with LOGO. It can be wrapped with different colors of wool. The ball can also have an aroma, can be illuminated, can be holed, and can be worn with cotton rope.

四、 Packaging

The common packaging for tennis is high-pressure packaging. This air pressure protects the air pressure inside the tennis ball. Before the opening of the cylinder cover, the pressure decay of the tennis ball is much smaller. We can customize according to the needs of our customers. Such as cans, barrels, bags, and so on.