small tennis ball



PRODUCT NAME small tennis ball
Material Plush
WEIGHT 0.25kg
MOQ 100set
COLOR As your requirements(ex.Red, white, black, blue, purple, brown, camel, green, yellow…)
DELIVERY TIME Within 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURES Made of plush material, light and portable, exquisite appearance, high elasticity, resistant to hitting, wear-resistant

Tennis action essentials

1, the grip must be correct, the main grip method is East, continental, Western. The East Way includes the Oriental Forehand Grip and the Oriental Backhand Grip. In addition, there are two-handed grips, and different grips play different balls. Regardless of the grip method, the grip of the wrist must be firmly fixed, almost 90 degrees with the racket, so that the strength of the arm and even the whole body can be transmitted to the surface through the wrist when hitting the ball, and the back is taken. While the other arm is waving in the opposite direction to maintain balance. Before swinging the ball, the other hand must hold the neck to reduce the weight of the grip arm, while the handgrip can be fully relaxed, and the handle is gripped while swinging.

2, the eyes should concentrate on the ball, when the other side photographed, it is necessary to start staring at it, judge the trajectory of the movement, and then start to move the body has been staring at the net to their own half, conditioning the posture of the shot , start hitting the ball. The eyes stared at the ball and were shot by the racket. The gaze shifted to the opponent’s half with the ball.

3. The moment before hitting the ball, you can’t face the net directly, but the sideways side, with the side of the shoulder facing the net, and the front of the body is parallel with the path of the ball so that the speed can be shot quickly. Point the ball.

4. When the ball flies to one side, sideways, swing the arm backward as early as possible to form an arc with a driving force, so that the racket and the ball can easily and harmoniously touch, and the ball is pushed obliquely from the bottom to the top… If you want to make the ball fly faster, you should apply force when the racket touches the ball, causing the ball to accelerate.

5, keep your legs in motion, use the movement of the legs to find the best hitting position, but at the moment you hit the ball, you should “break” in time to stand firm so that the shot will be accurate and powerful…

6, the body should try to keep the low position, the low center of gravity can move fast, which is especially important for playing. Keep it low, just open your legs slightly, bend your knees, and keep your upper body vertical. Keep your chest slightly forward but don’t bend over and look straight ahead.

7, should stand near the midpoint of the bottom line and wait for the other party to hit the ball, adjust the position of the hitting ball according to the route of the ball, try to hit the ball to the second half of the opponent, and then restore the original position. When the opponent’s ball is shallow, you can go forward and hit the ball and go online, or back to the bottom line, you can’t stand between the bottom line and the serving line.

8. The position of the shot is preferably in the oblique front of the body. The height is parallel to the squat. The moment the bat is hitting the ball is perpendicular to the direction in which the ball flies.