Professional tennis racket



PRODUCT NAME Professional tennis racket
MATERIAL Carbon composite
Cable material nylon
Weight(g) 270-310
SIZE Customized upon request
COLOR As your requirements(ex.Red, white, black, blue, purple, brown, camel, green, yellow…)
Net Length(mm)  690±2(Customized upon request)
DELIVERY TIME Within 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURES Professional special design creates a more effective hitting area, directly improves the elasticity of the racket, increases the power of hitting the ball, and breaks the wind frame design. It reduces the wind resistance by more than 20% compared with the ordinary frame. The smaller the racket wind resistance, the faster the swing speed. , to create a finished ball texture, so that the opponent can not prevent. According to the principle of wind mechanics, the use of two wind tunnels can make the penetration stronger, making the swing faster and more stable.

How to choose the right tennis racket

Racquet weight
The weight of the racket is the first factor in choosing a tennis racket, because the racket is too heavy and the player’s swing is slow, but it can provide a greater hitting power. The lighter racquet is flexible and light, but it is easy to remake for the opponent’s heavy ball.
Tip: Although the current racket is getting lighter and lighter, it is recommended that you choose the maximum weight of the tennis racket without affecting your swing.


2. Grip size
The size of the grip of the tennis racket is also an important factor in selecting a tennis racket. The grip is too thick, but it is not easy to handle the ball, and the grip is too fine to be grasped. It is easy to remake when the ball is heavy. The standard tennis racket grip is between 1/8 to 4 and 4/8 of the right. Corresponding to the European-style handles 1 to 5, most people in China choose the handles 1 and 2, and the girls usually choose the 1st handle. After the size of the grip is gripped, the thumb and the index finger of the middle finger should have a finger distance as shown below.
Tips: The choice of tennis racket grip should be thin and not thick, because the grip is also wrapped with sweatband, you can also thicken 1/16 or 1/8 inch.

3. The racket is long
The adult shooting of tennis is only standard shot (27 inches / 69 cm) and long type. Although the long racket can enhance the hitting power, it is difficult to control the close ball, which is called “the whip is beyond the reach”. Therefore, for beginners, it is recommended to use a 27-inch standard shot.

Face size
The face of the tennis racket has a small face: 85-90 square inches, medium face: 92-102 square inches, large face: 104-115 square inches, oversized face: 116-135 square inches, The large face can provide a larger hitting area and dessert, which is easier to hit, but lacks speed and is more suitable for girls. For players who are most tempo and control, you can choose a small face.
Tips: It is generally recommended that beginners choose medium to small faces between 100 and 115 square inches.


4. Balance (head weight / head light)
The balance point indicator of the tennis racket is used to judge whether the racket is a heavy head shot or a light head shot. For example, a 1 pts head heavy racket means that the center of gravity of the racket is 0.31 cm from the center of the racket to the head, whereas the 1 pts head light racket refers to the racket. The center of gravity is 0.31 cm from the center of the racket to the handle. The larger the number, the farther the center of gravity is from the center.
The head remake is suitable for the bottom line but the ball before the net is more laborious, while the head pats the net before the net effort to save the bottom line. For men who want to strengthen their control and want to exercise their arm strength, the head pat is good. Choice, and for women who don’t want to make their arms thick and turn into tennis arms, it’s more appropriate to use a head remake.
Tips: For beginners, it is recommended to use a light-weight shot.


5. Material selection
The material of the tennis racket is mainly aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, etc. Among them, the aluminum shot is the heaviest but the price is also cheap. At present, the mainstream of tennis racket is carbon fiber-based composite material. The addition of metal or fiber material is to increase the hardness of the beat. To enhance the stability and strength of the racket.
Tip: If you are not the money to burn the face for the sake of face, you don’t have to entangle the material of the racket.