Full carbon one tennis racket



PRODUCT NAME Full carbon one tennis racket
MATERIAL Full carbon
Cable material Gold wire mesh
Weight 0.5kg (including package weight)
SIZE Customized upon request
COLOR As your requirements(ex.Red, white, black, blue, purple, brown, camel, green, yellow…)
Length Customized upon request(ex:67mm )
DELIVERY TIME Within 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURES We use a full-carbon integrated tennis racket, suitable for training competitions, 16 cross strings, 19 vertical strings, professional gold wire mesh for feather strings, carbon fiber for frame material, faster swing speed and soft touch. Combined shock absorption, shock absorption performance is improved again.


1. Reduce the tension (tightness) of the racquet string: The looser chord can provide a larger wire bed effect, which can hit a faster, more powerful ball with less vibration.

2. Choose a larger shape of the sweet spot: the so-called sweet zone is the good hitting area of ??the racket face. When the hitting point is in the sweet spot, it will give you enough hitting power, ball control and vibration. You will feel comfortable. The sweet spot of the racket is larger, and it is less likely to hit the non-sweet zone when hitting the ball, so there is less chance of vibration and less chance of injury.

3. Check the size of the handle: If the grip of the racket is too small, when the ball does not hit the sweet spot, the racket will have a larger torque and the damage to the arm will be greater. If the grip is too big, the palm can’t catch the racket and it is easy to fatigue. A suitable size should be that there is a gap of about 5-8 mm between the ring finger and the big fish muscle during the forehand grip.

4. Check the hardness of the racket: A racket with a high hardness of the stick requires the player to make more force when hitting the ball, making the arm more prone to fatigue and more susceptible to injury. With a racket with a small hardness, the player does not need too much power to hit a more powerful ball, reducing the fatigue of the arm. The average hardness of the tennis racquet has been greatly reduced compared to previous years. Of course, the softer stick is less controllable to the direction of the ball.

5. Pay attention to the correct posture of the shot: the incorrect posture of the shot is an important cause of injury. Such as: the hitting point is too low, after the attack, the side is not enough when hitting the ball, the big arm hits the ball and so on. Ask your experts to correct your mistakes.

6. If the player has not carried out such activities for a long time (more intense), then in the recovery training, try not to exercise vigorously, otherwise, wake up the next day will feel the whole body or some parts of the pain.