How to choose tennis shoes

How to choose tennis shoes

一、 what are the characteristics of tennis shoes?

What are the characteristics of tennis shoes? Our amateur golfers should also understand the characteristics of tennis shoes. In addition to the comfortable wearing of tennis shoes, the special construction of tennis shoes will help you improve your skills and enhance your effective running. To know that a 50% victory in tennis is up to you, you can see the importance of a good pair of shoes.

Don’t wear running shoes because it makes it easy for you to fall, and basketball shoes can hinder the movement of your ankles. So what are the characteristics of tennis shoes, let’s take a look!

二、 what are the characteristics of the soles of tennis shoes?

The characteristics of tennis shoes are important: the sole. Since most tennis courts have three different types of materials (grass, sand, hard), the different shapes of the soles determine your efficiency in different venues.

The grass field is preferred to have a sole with a glue-like texture. However, for a sandy field, the sole of a wide-groove road should be selected. The most commonly used hard-field (plastic, asphalt) is a smooth sole with a fine herringbone pattern. If you are constantly rushing between the three venues, you can choose only a pair of sneakers with integrated function soles to avoid troublesome replacement.

三、 the accessories for tennis shoes, do you know?

The second most important feature of tennis shoes is accessories. The design of the foot protection system is the most important part of any tennis shoe. The protective effects of accessories such as “forefoot belt”, “heel cup”, toe, hoop or mid-cushion not only make many “genius golfers” grow up in the tennis world, but also promote the creation of such things as “air cushions”. Shock absorbers, “return pressure”, “energy guide” and many other wonderful accessories. People pay more “manufacturing costs” to the accessories of these protection systems for the future of their own feet. But this is necessary and helpless.