Tennis Selection Guide

Tennis Selection Guide

Tennis, as the most popular fitness method nowadays, is gradually being loved by more and more people. However, to play tennis, a hand-to-hand tempo is the key. Before you buy, you can read more information about tennis racquets. I will try to find a racquet that suits you. Your own racket must meet your own preferences, from the style, material, feel, color must be carefully selected, not to imitate others.

Racket brand

Generally, the racket materials are mainly composed of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. The carbon beat has lightweight, good performance, and small vibration coefficient, but the price is slightly higher than the aluminum alloy racket.

Racket material

The racket has the texture of wood, alloy, glass fiber, ash composite material, and titanium alloy composite material. The early rackets were mostly woody and have been cut. At present, the metal alloy and fiberglass materials are generally low-grade rackets, and the gray-ash composite materials and titanium composite ball rackets are relatively high-grade.

Shape, structure

The shape of each face has its own unique design concept. The main difference is that the sweet spot is different, which can be seen from the introduction of the beat or the tag.

Face size

The racket of the big face is easy to learn, and its effective hitting area is relatively large. It can be hit from the center slightly. The disadvantage is a lack of speed and poor control. It is suitable for women, beginners, and middle-aged and bottom-line defensive players. 110 square miles. The small face is suitable for young players, the ball speed is fast, and the control is good. For those who prefer to attack, they should choose a racquet.

balance point

The central topic of the balance point is the problem of “head weight” or “headlight”. The first weight is suitable for long shots, the bottom line is for hitting the ball; the headlight is suitable for tennis interception, and doubles players often use it. Therefore, when choosing a racket, you should pay attention to the balance of the racket. Some racket heads are heavy, while some rackets are heavy. It is best to try it a few times. Generally speaking, the racket has its own center of gravity, and it is better to take the head lightly and moderately.

Net weight

A too heavy tennis racket will make the player slow in swinging, and a too light tempo will not be easy to cope with a strong shot and easy to remake. Experienced users can know by taking a shot, and the general purchaser can understand it by identifying the goods.

Length of the racquet

For the length of the racquet, the selection criterion is based on the user’s height; the second is the user’s pursuit of play characteristics. Usually, the height is inversely proportional to the length of the racquet.

The number of pounds

The tightness of the racquet string is often measured in pounds. The most commonly used pounds are between 55 and 60 pounds, and professional players tend to wear around 70 pounds. You can determine the appropriate number of pounds based on your arm strength.

Tennis equipment

When playing tennis, it is best to choose more professional tennis shoes, do not wear common running shoes.