Do you really know your tennis racket?

Do you really know your tennis racket?

Do you really know your tennis racket? Do you know the specific structure of the tennis racket? Ready to play tennis, you know how to choose a tennis racket that suits you, and how to maintain it later? Compared with badminton table tennis, tennis rackets are more expensive, so choosing a rack that suits you and is durable is the most sensible choice.

There are a wide variety of tennis rackets, and there are different types of tennis rackets for people of different ages, which can be roughly divided into children’s shots, adult shots, and old age shots. Different types of tennis rackets can be divided according to different needs, and the tennis rackets can be classified in terms of material and performance. No matter how many types of tennis rackets, but the structure of the tennis rackets is the same, there is no difference in the method of use.

The size of the face is very much related to the power, speed and ball control of the shot. The calculation unit of the face is generally the square inch. If you are a power-type tennis player, you can choose a racket that is not very large when you choose a racket, because the smaller the racket area, the better the ball control and sensitivity. On the contrary, if you want to improve the power of the ball and make yourself hit the ball more, you can choose to have a larger face, but the face is not always infinitely enlarged, and the small, medium and large faces have an area.

The frame shape of the tennis racket will affect the size of the sweet spot and the stability of the ball control. The sweet spot is the name of the effective hitting range on the racket, and the hitter feel is better with the sweet spot. The thicker racquet is more powerful and the stability will be better. The thinner frame is not as powerful as the thick frame racquet, but the ball control will be significantly improved. When choosing a tennis racket, it is best to choose the most regular oval racket. Don’t try the odd-shaped racket easily.

The longer the racquet’s tempo is, the more time it takes to transmit the power, and the lower the sensitivity. The athletes who are generally less powerful and who are not moving faster will use long racquets. For beginners, using a long racquet makes it easier to hit the ball without having to use too much effort.

Pay attention to the protection of the racket when playing tennis, don’t touch the racket, don’t play tennis on rainy days. Put it into the protective bag as soon as possible after using the racket. Do not expose it to sunlight for a long time, otherwise, it will cause the racket to deform.