How to practice tennis without a tennis court

How to practice tennis without a tennis court

First, the tennis wall
For those who don’t have a tennis court, if you want to practice the ball, the first thing is to find a tennis wall!
With the wall, everything is easy to say.

Second, the ball practice
There are many training methods to practice the ball when there are no courses or even no tennis walls.
For example, 1. Use the racket to shoot the ball on the ground and slowly increase the strength and speed of the ball. This is a good way to exercise the ball and wrist strength. 2. You can also try to use the frame to hit the ball, focus on your ability to stare and hand-eye coordination, my highest record is about 40+. Most people can do 20+ with little training. 3. Push the ball up and then unload the ball. When the standard is up, the height is high or low, but there is only one standard for catching the ball: try to make the ball touch the racket without any rebound.
This exercise is quite helpful in controlling the muscles of the player and controlling them. It is very helpful to improve the feel.

There is also a way to exercise the ball on the ground, that is, “tour around the world” is simply to shoot the ball on the ground, and then you can take the ball halfway or the ball-like ball like Federer, or you can shoot while walking Ball, spare lines and so on. The most noteworthy thing is: When you don’t have a tennis court, you can practice the ball throwing by yourself and fix the point of the ball. It is very helpful to improve your teeing skills.

Third, no ball practice
For tennis, the practice of off-ball is more about training your basic physical fitness and reaction speed.
Including the elastic muscles, the solid ball, the exercise-related muscles, and core strength,
You can also exercise your agility and explosiveness with energy ladders.
You can also deepen the muscle memory of your correct movements with some swing exercises.Also, through some specialized equipment, to train your hand and eye reaction speed, etc.

Fourth, brain training
When you walk off the tennis court, you need to train your mind. Many literature studies have shown that brain training actually plays a very important role. On the one hand, through the mind to imagine your correct movements, the correct angle of the ball, the correct handling of certain balls, etc., even if you do not practice on the field, your nervous system will develop a response loop to control your muscles. action. Therefore, when you go to practice or encounter similar situations during the game, your body will react faster and the action will be more reasonable.

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