Warm up before the exercise, are you doing the right thing?

Warm up before the exercise, are you doing the right thing?

1. Are you still suffering from injuries? Maybe warming up and not doing well

Amateurs are often plagued by injuries, but it is too late to wait until they are really injured. The best way is to prevent injuries.
Many people don’t warm up before playing like to play on the slap directly, this is a very bad habit!
Whether it is practicing the ball or the game, you must moderately warm up before playing, even if it is five minutes, you can avoid injuries to a large extent.

2, stretching = warm-up? Silly and unclear

Many people are used to pressing the legs, lowering the waist, and even licking a fork before exercising. I think this is a warm-up.
But this is really not a warm-up, but a stretch.
Stretching and warming up, but often it is mixed, silly and unclear.
The main purpose of the warm-up is to get the target muscle group to get active, improve body temperature and heart rate, accelerate blood circulation, and stimulate the body to move from calm state to exercise state. The main purpose of stretching is to stretch the target muscles by repeated repetitions to eliminate the tension and soreness of the body parts and enhance flexibility.
Therefore, the correct way is to warm up before exercise and stretch after exercise.

Quadriceps stretching

Single leg support


Swallow balance

Bow step

Lateral cross step