Tennis skill

Tennis skill

The most important thing to serve is to throw the ball. Some people are either throwing high or throwing low. In fact, everyone has the best throwing height for themselves, which is best for their own hitting point. This has nothing to do with height. Of course, a tall serve is inherently advantageous because he has a high serve.

In general, there is a standard throwing height. You raise the racquet vertically, which is a little higher than the height of your vertical racquet. It is the height of your standard throwing ball, as long as it falls to the close of the ball you are holding. The part of the heart can hit the ball.

Tossing the ball generally involves throwing a little into the court. When throwing the ball, the other serving hand should open 90 degrees and then bend, jump and hit the ball. When you bend your legs, you should also land on your toes and fly out. When hitting the ball, the arm straightens and hits the ball. Also, press the wrist when hitting the ball. When falling, the hand that throws the ball can make an action around the abdomen. This will not affect your next shot, nor will you be hit by the racket.

High-pressure ball

The high-pressure ball is also a technique in tennis that seems to be simple and difficult to master.

When playing a high-pressure ball, the hand that does not take the shot should point to the ball, so that when the ball falls, the ball can be grasped vertically, that is, the ball falls vertically in your hand. The hand that took the shot is like a servant, 90 degrees to the back, and when the ball falls to your hitting point, the ball is stretched down. Remember, the hand should be straight when hitting the ball. Also, press the wrist outwards to make the ball stronger when hitting the ball. If it is a near-net high-pressure ball, the angle should be open. If it is a high-pressure ball close to the bottom line, you have to deepen it, that is, you also hit the bottom line of the opponent. This is best for you. It is also very important that when facing the high ball flying in the sky, don’t lean back towards the ball, be sure to use the cross step to point the ball back. The most important thing about a high-pressure ball is not strength, but the angle.

Net front interception

Internet access is undoubtedly a very important technology in tennis. For beginners, it is not very easy to master, because it is easy for people to enter the wrong zone. First of all, when the opponent’s ball is backlight, you can use the cutting ball to cut the ball back to the bottom line of the opponent, as deep as possible, and open the angle. When the other party’s ball returns to the field near your service line, you can cut back and go online with the ball. The misunderstanding comes. Many people are bent over to get enough to go to the interception. This is wrong. Legs, but the waist should be straight, and the toes should touch the ground. The pace is to rub the ground with the toes, just like jumping rope. When moving horizontally, you can step and cross the steps.