White tennis ball



PRODUCT NAME White tennis ball
Material Rubber, wool
WEIGHT 0.06kg
MOQ 100set
COLOR As your requirements(ex.Red, white, black, blue, purple, brown, camel, green, yellow…)
DELIVERY TIME Within 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURES The wool-containing outer layer is very resistant to abrasion and is particularly suitable for hard use. The whole use of high-quality rubber, low inflation, slow ball speed, comfortable ball feel, easy to control the ball, suitable for beginners, using silicone like rubber band, strong stretch, free landing elastic, good quality, non-toxic and tasteless, elastic is not suitable Broken.

How to identify true and false wool

There are many methods for identifying fibers, which can be summarized into two categories. One is a more intuitive sensory identification method, and the other is to use various fibers with different physical and chemical properties to perform certain tests for identification purposes. The more common ones are combustion method, microscopic identification method, and solvent solution method. (1) Sensory identification method. This method does not require any articles or equipment, according to its own intuitive, long-term work experience, according to the feel of the fabric and suede to identify. Acrylic fibers are difficult to distinguish because of their unique wool-like characteristics. But as long as you look closely and compare the differences, there are still differences. Intuitively, wool products are softer, more elastic, more important, softer in color, and the curl of wool is larger than that of chemical fiber. Generally, the pilling resistance of wool is better than that of chemical fiber.

(2) Combustion method. Wool products, when burning, burn while smoldering, accompanied by the smell of burning hair, ash, and shiny black will be brittle. Acrylic fiber products, when burning, slowly burn while melting, the flame is white, bright and powerful, slightly black smoke, fishy smell, gray is white spherical, brittle and brittle. The nylon product slowly burns while melting, and it has a slight white smoke when it is burned. The flame is blue and has a celery flavor. The jade is a light brown lumpy and is not easy to be broken.