Blue tennis bag



PRODUCT NAME Blue tennis bag
FABRIC Nylon cloth + non-woven fabric + satin + PE cotton
WEIGHT 0.5kg
CAPACITY Can hold 3
SIZE 74*12*30    (Customized upon request)
COLOR As your requirements(ex.Red, white, black, blue, purple, brown, camel, green, yellow…)
USES Sports/ leisure/ fitness
DELIVERY TIME Within 15 or 30 days based on different quantity
FEATURES Nylon cloth + non-woven fabric + satin + PE cotton, the function front pocket can accommodate all kinds of small sundries, special materials, with protection function, can put towels, tennis is convenient to travel. The bag bottom bag breathable device protects the shoes, and is reasonably tidy. The bag strap is made of PE engineering plastic buckle, durable, strap and detachable.

How should the tennis bag be dirty?

Friends who often play tennis will encounter this situation: the tennis bag is sweaty or accidentally soiled the tennis bag. If you don’t clean the tennis bag properly, it will affect the life of the tennis bag.

If the appearance of the tennis bag is not very dirty, you can wash it yourself or wash it. Use it with a misty volatile cleaner on the surface and wipe it off with a clean soft cloth. If only a small area is sweaty, just clean the soiled area with water and then, do not expose to the sun or blow dry with a hairdryer.

If your tennis bag hasn’t been cleaned for a long time and you have accumulated a lot of dirt, then you can only rinse your bag with water, it can only be washed. Do not touch any of its accessories to the surface. As for the tennis bag metal rust, you have to use a special dilution to clean. After drying it. When drying, you should also stuff things into the bag to prevent the bag from deforming.

If you want to maintain the tennis bag, be careful not to clean it after use. Pay attention when using it: don’t put the tennis bag directly on the ground; don’t put heavy objects on the tennis bag; don’t let the tennis bag directly expose to the sun. When you don’t use the tennis bag for a long time, you should put some buffers to prevent deformation, and put it in a cool place with a bag to protect it from moisture and insects.