In daily life, more and more people pay attention to their own health problems. In particular, many young people choose to exercise to ensure their health. However, there are many kinds of sports. Some studies have shown that compared with Running and swimming, people who play tennis often may live for ten years. Do you know why?

A recent new study says that tennis may be the “healest” sport compared to other sports; the average life expectancy of those who regularly play tennis is extended by almost 10 years compared to the “sitting” crowd who never exercised…

Based on 8557 Danishes aged 20-93, followed by 25 years of habits and health status data, the above conclusions were analyzed.

The study covered eight sports methods. Compared with people who never exercise, playing tennis often extends the life expectancy of 9.7 years, ranking first. The remaining 7 sports were badminton, 6.2 years; football, 4.7 years; cycling, 3.7 years; swimming, 3.4 years; jogging, 3.2 years; aerobics, 3.1 years;

Why is tennis? Researchers have proposed two possible explanations.

First, to some extent, this is related to tennis helping to promote good social relationships. Obviously, jogging, swimming, cycling, fitness, etc. can all be exercised alone, while tennis, badminton, and football require partners and even teams. This first needs to find a partner, and even participate in a certainly fixed society, such as tennis team, badminton team and so on. Regular meetings with teammates can give you a sense of security, belonging and social support, and form a good social relationship.

Second, the comprehensive exercise of tennis needs to fully mobilize the muscles of the whole body. It belongs to a kind of high-intensity interval training, and the health benefits of this exercise mode have been proved to be superior to the single rhythm and continuous exercise mode. According to a study, high-intensity interval training can delay or even reverse cell aging, and is more anti-aging than strength training.

In every sport, there are many benefits to your health. If you have a choice, you can choose to play tennis as much as possible. Because playing tennis regularly can fully mobilize the muscles of your body and let your blood pack slow down the aging process. Playing tennis at the same time can also promote good social relationships and keep people happy every day.